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wordpress bloggin Welcome to take a look at our new blog about world peace, in English only, World Peace. It will contain all new material that would otherwise be put on this part of the homepage.


We need you. Do YOU realize how crucial for the planet and the population you really are? What if your contribution is way greater than you can ever imagine? Your inspiration and willingness to change WILL inspire others, it will "engage" you and others to be, do, have, create and generate so much more ease, joy, glory, peace and happiness for your sparetime, at your job and with your money flows, relationships, sex life and much much more.

What would happen if the gratitude and joy you have for the world, the planet and the people would ooze in among all your friends, family, colleagues and other people that are surrounding you? Would you and this energy change the world?


Did you know that you are creating thoughts, feelings and emotions? They are not just happening or showing up like the tv-shows on the TV. To bring peace into our world, YOU have to start with yourself. You can talk and empower other people to be peaceful and grateful and caring, though, will it really affect them in the core of their being if YOU are not peaceful? So, what can you BE to spread peace in your family, among your friends etc?

Do you see chaos or violence in nature? No? Well, can it be that nature is totally conscious and totally peaceful? What would it be like if you would be more like the nature? What would it be like if you started to contribute as much as nature does? What would it be like if you would be as peaceful as nature? What would it be like if you were YOU? Do you think you would bring peace to our world? YES, BE IT. YES, KNOW IT. YES, PERCEIVE IT. YES, RECEIVE IT. Just recall a time when you were in a forest, or next to a lake, or when you stepped on the savann for the first time.... Did you experience total peace? Did you perceive the contribution the nature were to you and the peace it be? Just bring that "sensation" in to you NOW! And BE it, KNOW it, PERCEIVE it and RECEIVE it. WOOOOW... what a joyful, happy and peaceful sensation. What will it take for you to be that ALL THE TIME? Well, what if it is just a choice?

Paint your own life.

be you, like nature just be Well, not all people have peaceful experiences with nature. What is it for you? Is it hugging a horse? Is it breastfeeding from your mother? Is it dancing with yourself or a nurturing and joyful partner? Recall those times when you "felt" totally peaceful. And now, pull it into existence and BE, KNOW, PERCEIVE and RECEIVE it fully, totally, and without judgment, conclusion, decision and consideration. What else is possible? If you start to laugh, or cry, or smile, or dance..... JUST BE WITH IT. Just be with it without any judgments. Peace cannot exist side by side with judgment, conclusion, decision or consideration. Peace is chosen by you, side by side with gratitude, joy, caring and sexualness (not sexuality).

A last word of "advice"... Choice creates awareness. Awareness does not create choice. Spoken by my great friend Dr Dain Heer. So, start choosing joy, gratitude, caring and whatever that will "create" the peace for you. Your life is not happening. You are the creator of your living. What would you like to create and generate today and in the future? More chaos? Or more peace? Your choice. Your living. How does it get any better than that?

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- Channeled from Heyoan -

This is a wonderful question, and I hope that more people will ask it of themselves. It is becoming more and more important that larger numbers of people begin taking responsibility for becoming world citizens. The first step toward that end is to consider yourself from the greater vantage point, and let your decisions and actions arise out of that broader knowing. From our vantage, since you are joint creators of the earth and all that exists there, you have made it as it is. You have created all that you experience in life, and when there is pain, it is there only because you have made it so. This is does not mean that you are bad; it simply means that you have not learned a lesson you have here to learn, and so you have created a situation that not only arises out of that unknowing but that gives you precisely the tools that you need and the direction to look to in order to incorporate that learning.

Take our perspective and apply it to the world situation. First ask yourself the questions you would ask concerning any personal issues. What does this world situation mean to me personally? What is the message the greater world (being a mirror to the self) is trying to tell me about what I need to learn? What is the nature of the pain I have helped to create? What needs to be done about it, and what is it that I can personally do? How have I personally contributed to the greater situation? Now you might say, "I didn't do it." You might even blame others--"It was the politicians"--or you might choose some other nation or ethnic group to blame. But it is you who have participated in an election or refrained from voting. It is you who have carried prejudices within yourself regarding others who seem different from yourself. You do it with complete strangers as well as with people you may know. These generalizations and assumptions that you make about others, you also automatically and often unconciously place on yourself. This causes you a great deal of inner personal pain. When you hear yourself speaking negatively about another, ask yourself what effect it has on you when you say it about yourself.

The longings of human soul do not limit themselves to national boundaries, languages or creeds. But with these distinctions, the soul finds an appropriate classroom (or playground) in which to learn. It is precisely this variety that makes the earth such a wonderful choice for incarnation. Nations were created to bring diversity and excitement to your lives. They were never meant to be a battleground. Indeed, one could live many lives upone the earth in many environments and never get bored.

Spegling av din själ

So what has happened? The things that brought you to earth for your schooling are precisely the things that cause the problems. Fundamentally, your belief in a seperated reality beckons you to return each time to earth. That belief also causes you fear. So you have come here to dissolve fear, but it is through the fear that needs dissolving that you have brought more fear. So ask yourself: "Precisely what is it that I am afraid of, both in my personal life and on the world scale?" See how they are really the same fear. Do you know that these fears are precisely the same fears most humans have, and from which most humans act? These common fears, then, are the origin of the world conflict.

You all fear loss, illness, death, and lack of freedom. You all fear that someone will take something of value away from you once you have established it in your life. But I tell you, the only person who can do that is you. To the extent that you take away your own personal freedom out of fear, to that same extent you will try to take away another's freedom. To the extent that you create illness in your body, to that exact extent you would allow others to maintain it in theirs and stand aside offering no help. To the extent you create impoverishment of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual nourishment in your life, to that extent you can tolerate impoverishment in others and even hope for company. As you have done it unto yourselves, so you have done it unto others.

So the first place to create world peace is at home. Create harmony at home, in the office, and in the community, and then extend it across national boundaries. Would you let your child go hungry? Then why let the next-door neighbor's, the African, or the Indian go hungry? Wherever you draw the line is where you have limited yourself: your self-definition, your love, and your power. I recommend that you each devote the percent of your time and energy to a private project for the purpose of bringing about world peace. This may be in the area of education, political activity, communication, or simply monetary contribution to a cause with which you are profoundly connected. Do this only from the perspective that you have helped create the situation as it is and therefore intend to heal it as the healer that you are and from the power available to you as co-creator. Thus rather than working out of fear or guilt, you will work from the point of view of a creator putting his or her work in order. Never, never approach world peace from the point of view that you are nearly powerless to do anything about it. That simply is not and never will be true. You are the co-creator of all you experience, including the world situation. If you do not like what you have created, find the lessons to be learned from your imperfect creations and recreate in another more suitable way.

Spegling av din själ

If you fear poverty, then your actions arising out of that fear--trying to stop personal poverty--will help create poverty on a world scale. Your fear helps maintain the mass belief in poverty. This mass belief in poverty causes a backlash reaction in which everyone strives to get more and to keep it for themselves. This greed leads to the struggle for economic gain that has, in turn, brought about the impoverishment of the world's resources. This creates more poverty and holds it in place in the physical world. Consider this, my friends: The things you most abhor and fear are the very things that you create. Thus not only are you to delve into your belief in your personal poverty and what means to you, you are to take ten percent of your time to look into the world poverty. The world solution will be the same as the personal one.

Greed is based on the fear of not having enough. What appears to be greed is really a result of fear of poverty. That, in turn, creates poverty, which in turn leads to the destruction of the earth's resources and challenges your very existence. Ultimately, therefore, your fear of poverty covers your existential fear, and ultimately, your greed rests upon the shaky foundation of your deeper existential fear. Now, what can be said of this greed? Greed is a term you may never wish to apply to yourself. Let us soften it a little: If you look within, you find many "wants". Make a list of your "wants". You will find that many of them are designed to make you feel safe, which they can never do. Now ask yourself, "Which of these wants do I wish to create from my higher conciousness, based on my positive belief system? Which do I want to create to make myself feel safe, based on my negative belief system?" Divide the list in this way. Now focus on the positive list and ask yourself, "How much does each of my wants serve the world as well as my personal self?" When that is completed, address each item designed to assauge, and how? If I act according to these wants, how will my actions affect the world?" As you know from the previous material, basically you are acting out of and thereby affirming fear in the world by following through with such action. Note that as you do this, you may find that some of the items are on the wrong list.

This exercise may give you a better understanding of just how responsible you are for creating not only your life experience but the world situation as well. You are very responsible! You have in fact a big effect! So, dear ones, be aware of the very direct effect your belief system has both on your personal relationships and on the world situation. Because of this powerful direct effect, you can change both by discovering your negative belief systems and changing them to project love, caring, and trust into the world. Be in peace and in love.

::: Homework from Heyoan :::

    1. List your fears on the personal level. List your fears on the world level. See the similarity.

    2. List your wants. Divide the list between wants to assauge fear that stem from negative beliefs (negative wants) and those that come from positive beliefs (positive wants).

    3. Find the fear out of which your negative wants arise. Find the higher conciousness out of which your positive wants arise.

    4. What have you created on the personal level from each of these positive and negative wants? What in the world situation is similar to the personal one? That is what you have helped to create in the world, both positive and negative.

    5. In what area of world service (according to your negative creations coming from fear) do you wish to give your ten percent toward world peace?

Spegling av din själ

::: Results of Clearing Your Wants to Assauge Fear :::

Consider the person who is gluttonous because he fears starvation. He may overeat and even hoard food. Such a person helps hold the fear of starvation in the collective unconscious of the human race. When he works on his problems, he may choose to give by helping feed those on the planet who are starving. A friend of mine I will call Mark did just this. He was overweight at the time I met him. I knew nothing about his background. But I knew he was very concerned about his weight and the health problems it caused. He was particularly concerned about the extra strain on his heart. He had worked on this problem in the past by going on diets of various sorts, losing a few pounds, and then immediately regaining the weight. He had to go into the deeper issues involved with his weight before he could lick the problem. He went to a healer to get help to stop his overeating.

Mark discovered that the first level of fear within him was simply the fear of hunger. He could not tolerate the inner feeling of hunger. This was a surprise for him, and he had no idea where such a fear would have come from. It certainly wasn't a reality in his life. He searched for where the fear of hunger came from and found that his parents had had terrible financial problems at the time of his birth, during the Great Depression of the late thirties. Although they were always worried about where next meal was coming from, nobody ever went hungry. He had found the source of his fear of hunger. His early family heritage carried a fear of hunger, although it never happened. As a young child, he thereby learned that this unknown thing called hunger was a terrible thing to be feared. His young psyche could not distinguish between fantasy and reality. His early childhood solution was simply never to be hungry. It worked, but he gained weight.

In Mark's healing process, he began to practise tolerance of the fear of hunger by eating good healthy meals and cutting out his nearly constant eating throughout the day. Improving his diet in this way immediately increased his energy level and his level of self-awareness. What was different about this process was that his motive was deeper than just the loss of weight, as it had been in his earlier dieting. It had become an exploration of his inner world.

At times, the fear would be too great, so he would have a snack. In this way he worked gently with himself. As he continued to explore his experience of the feeling of hunger, he found that he could begin to distinguish between the feeling of hunger and the feeling of inner emptiness. He found that he even enjoyed the feeling of inner emptiness because it gave him plenty of room inside. It was peaceful. It was just life without form. Now and then something new would arise out of his inner life without form. Many times, he experienced high spiritual ecstasy.

Then other things started coming out of this inner void. As he was sitting one day in the inner quiet, he experienced the rising feeling of the fear of starving to death. Then it broke full force. Quickly he found himself in the middle of the experience of starving to death. It was another century. He was in a different body and a different life. He jumped up from his meditation in fear. Later in his healing session, he told his healer what had happened. Together during the healing they rolled backward in time to the past life experience that had arisen in his consciousness. The healer worked to clear his auric field of the auric debris left from that experience. He experienced himself living in a time of great hunger. According to his experience, he had actually helped cause this hunger through misuse of power. He and many others eventually lost family and life through starvation.

Content taken from (without authors consent) "Light Emerging" pages 172-175 written by Barbara Ann Brennan

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