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På SVENSKA tack!


Givmildhet är viktigt i mitt liv.

You will find me about 10 minutes walk from Triangeln train station. In the street Västra Rönneholmsvägen 33.
Call me or send an email to book a time that suits you. Is it The Reconnection you should be aware of that it is divided into 2 sessions. Between the first and second session there need to be at least one night's sleep or 24 hours as well as a maximum 72 hours. That is the second session cannot take place more than 3 days after the first one. A treatment in The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing cannot be given the same day. It is also recommended that you take at least one treatment in Reconnective Healing before you get The Reconnection.

Jesper Nilsson
Västra Rönneholmsvägen 33
217 41 Malmö
Cell: +46 766 150222


In the year of 1994 I started my education in Master of Science towards Telecommunication (Civil Engineer) and started to work as IT-consult 1999. After my participation in the Swedish Championships in Beachvolley in the summer of 2008 I had reached my goal within this sport. I lost the urge to continue with this sport on a semi-professional level. Instead I have taken a new step in my personal development and attained a lot of courses within personal development, health and treatments.

Beachvolley är också viktigt i mitt liv.

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Hope your heart is touched just like mine.


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I think it is quite relevant that as therapist, masseur or coach really know what I am talking about so I am listing above the courses I take interest in. Except all these courses I have attended and conducted myself I have also during my spare time educated myself and have altogether about 5000 - 6000 hours of studies about health and consciousness and about 600 hours practical experience of bodywork.

A female acquaintance told me one day "I am not conducting this course for my own sake. I conduct it entirely for the participants.". When you come to me you can have this in your mind. I am here for you and have all your wellness in thought. Maybe you come to me for a massage but leaves the treatment with tips of how to improve your relationship. Or you came to me for tips about your choice of career but leaves with a big peace in your mind and harmony.

You might have heard it before. A holistical approach. It means that I treat you from not only one dimension, but I have all of you in focus, physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and how/what you think.

What value am I giving (do I offer) to you? My thought is that if I cannot help you I will transfer you to another excellent therapist. Here is my wide competence within different alternative techniques important. What do I mean? I might be limited in the areas where I am working, energy healing and coaching. But you might as well need help with your diet, your hormones, your walking and posture, your teeth, your sleep, your dreams or something else that you did not think about.

The world is unbelievably beautiful, IF we are open to see it. Let us save and live for it. Help me to help you so that we approach this goal by you reaching your balance and harmony.


My tariff is like:

Hoppas ditt hjärta berörs liksom mitt.


  . Thanks to my family that gives me the strength to continue working in the alternative area.
  . Thank you Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for giving me the possibility to take the courses within the organization Art of Living.
  . Thank you Siddhartha Gautama for gifting us the techniques of Vipassana meditation.
  . Thanks to Barbara Ann Brennan and Heyoan that let me use the text about world peace on my homepage.
  . Thanks to Gary Douglas and Dain Heer that developed Access Consciousness and Shannon O'Hara that opened up for the possibilities that exist in the world.

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