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På SVENSKA tack!


Green Coaching is the start of a new era in Sweden/Europe/The World. Today the medical world is treating symptoms and people get temporarily better. Next time they come back they are even worse. Why is that? I know that the human being is consisting of energy. The energy of our bodies is in constant communication with everything around us. And if we believe that the energy we pick up from other people's bodies, from animals, from plants, the earth or even from entities that are not considered living, is OURS, then we create dis-ease in our bodies. This dis-ease could easily be discharged/relieved IF we knew that the problem does not even belong to us, and just return this to sender. More than 98,000% of all our thoughts, feelings and emotions do not even belong to us. It belongs to someone or something else.

Green Coaching is a concept that was born in the summer of 2009. The original idea was for myself to work as a Green Coach (alternative nurse) and consult people without acute problems. Basically asking them some standard questions, doing some easy diagnosing, eye, tongue and pulse diagnostica, and asking them what kind of health professional that they think they would trust. Filling in a form for what kind of health preparations the person believe they would like to try. And finally the Green Coach would suggest a trusted health professional for that kind of treatment that would suit this person. Trusted health professionals could range between homeopaths, ayurveda practitioners, energy medicine practitioners, masseurs, chiropractors, dentists, dream coaches, healers, acupuncturists and so on.


My new project is to develop Green Coaching and create the first school of it's kind, a school of holistic health. In this part of the world. Who do you trust among all health professionals that exist? For me it is pretty simple. The professional that you believe and start to trust. Do you trust someone with weight problems? Someone that looks like missing 4 hours of sleep each night? A person you can hear cough and complains about back pains? Someone with cancer, diabetes, allergies, poor self-esteem, poor self confidence, someone lacking dreams or passions, faith in the world etc. The answer is probably NO.

I have a dream. And I believe there is a great potential in educating someone that people automatically find themselves to trust. How do you make someone to trust you. First you start to love yourself as much as God loves you. Then you find a dream in your life. Then you need to look like a person that shines like a sun from within. After that you make sure you are that healthy you could survive on water and 1 apple for several weeks. You make yourself the image of Buddha, Jesus or whomever you choose to believe fully in.

How do I go from dream and vision to action and reality? To know more I suggest that you send me an email or call me. Also keep a look out for news about this as this is an ongoing process and I will update this as often as possible.

The project is constantly in development. A reason to why I do not put more information on the homepage is to be able to choose from all possibilities. I.e. if I state "exactly" how this could look like then the project might become limited by the exact structure and form specified. Can the project develop into something that is phenomenally transforming without form, structure and significance? Yes, I believe so. Limitations are made up from the human mind. Go outside the box and dream, fantasize and ask questions constantly to let the project grow dynamically by itself.

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